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For singles



Valentine's special event with unique experience of puppy yoga speed dating

WHAT: Puppy Yoga Speed Dating With Kombucha + Afterparty

WHERE: Acting Mastery + Bondi Public Bar

WHEN: Puppy Yoga 11th Feb | 13:30 15:30 Afterparty: 14th Feb

For couples



Experience a romantic and intimate setting with our special couples events and catering

WHAT: Puppy Yoga Couple Class With Catering And Kombucha + Rose Flower

WHERE: Acting Mastery

WHEN: 17th Feb, 18th Feb | 13:30 15:30


Afterparty access


Puppy Yoga speed dating

Special classes

Yes to Friday and yes to the next round of drinks!   We’re kicking off your weekend with o

Afterparty access

Bondi Public Bar Party

Make epic memories over the summer with friends, family and JIVA   #JIVA.jpg

Handcrafted wellness beverages

Refreshing JIVA kombucha

Catering  from Semola

5 Italian canapés per person

Rose flower

Symbol of love

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Special Event for singles

Afterparty Valentine's Event

14 Feb 2024 | Bondi Public Bar

Unforgettable Valentine's Day afterparty for singles! Keep the excitement going after your puppy yoga speed dating session and continue to meet new people. Fantastic atmosphere to help you unwind and socialise. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to make new connections in Bondi this summer!

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