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Please Note: There will be no direct interactions with the puppies, as they will be sleeping during the Puppy Meditation and Breathwork session.


1. If you’re planning on attending Puppy Yoga with a friend or family member, please BOOK YOUR TICKETS TOGETHER. Our tickets sell out very fast, so if you don’t book all of your tickets in the same purchase there might not be any tickets left for when your yoga pawtner tries to book. 
2. Our tickets are non-refundable: We can only offer name changes if you wish to transfer your ticket to a family member or friend. 
3. If you choose to book your tickets separately from your group, be prepared that you or your group might not secure the same class. 
4. We put our puppies’ safety first, so we can not guarantee the energy levels of our puppies. We make sure they get high quality rest between sessions and they normally have heaps of energy, but we do not disturb the puppies in any capacity and we appreciate your understanding on this matter!

5. Your tickets aren’t eligible for resale.

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