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  • How do our puppies benefit from Puppy Yoga?
    The friendliest dogs are raised in families with lots of social interactions. The socialisation of the puppy is greatly aided by our classes. What better way to introduce puppies to the world than with their first experience in a new environment? Each dog leaves our sessions with a newfound sense of confidence, love, and zen!
  • How many people are in each class?
    Depending on the yoga studio where we do our session, it will usually be between 20-30 attendees. If you would like to book a private or corporate event, please contact us directly at
  • How many puppies are in each class?
    It depends on our breeders and class size, we will usually aim for around 6-12 puppies.
  • Can I bring my own puppy?
    Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own pets, as the puppies cannot socialise with other dogs until they are fully vaccinated!
  • What breed are the puppies?
    We won’t announce the breed before the class for the safety of our puppies. Each class will have different breeds depending on the recommendation of our trusteed breeders and which pups are ready to socialise.
  • Where are the puppies coming from?
    We are working together with local trusted breeders who prioritise the care of their puppies and are excited to help mindful humans connect with their puppy pals!
  • What if I want to buy / adopt a puppy?
    We are more than happy if our class helps you to find a new family member! If you feel like you've made a connection with one of the puppies during class, please email us at and we will connect you to one of our breeders.
  • How long is each class?
    Each class is one hour long, consisting of 45 minutes yoga and 15 minutes puppy playtime (dependent on puppy energy levels).
  • Can I book a private event?
    Definitely! Please email us with all your information and we can arrange a private event in your personal or a separate venue. Our email:
  • Are the puppies toilet trained?
    We will have puppy pads placed at the studio. As the puppies are still at a very young age, this means there will be some accidents. Our staff will be on hand to clean it up immediately and provide sanitiser & wipes to you as needed - we also clean the premises after every class per occupational standards.
  • Can children attend this class?
    We are happy to welcome children above the age of 12 as long as they will attend with an adult to sign the waiver form.
  • Do I need yoga experience?
    Absolutely not! Our classes are beneficial for everyone, no matter if you're a beginner or have practiced yoga for years. For the puppy’s safety, our yoga exercises will take place on the ground and be a mix of exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Do I have to participate in the yoga?
    It is up to you! Puppy Yoga is a place for everyone to lower stress and get the best well-being out of it. Feel free to take a puppy cuddle break or just enjoy the time with these cuties.
  • Can I take pictures during the class?
    Of course, you can! You can take as many pictures and videos as you want. Also, our members of staff are more than happy to take pictures for you. Please just be aware to turn the flash off. You can also always tag us on your social media @puppyyogasydney
  • Can I tag you on social media?
    Yes, please! We would love for you to share your tails of tranquility on your social media - you can tag us at @puppyyogasydney
  • Do I need to bring my own mat?
    We will always provide clean, disinfected yoga mats for all of our classes. If you wish to bring your own mat, feel free to do so!
  • I have a complaint/suggestion/review, who should I contact?
    We would love to know what’s on your mind, as we continuously want to improve our classes. Please send us an email at You can also speak to a member of staff after class if you wish to do so. We’d love for you to share any of your experiences, so we know where to make changes.
  • I'm a yoga instructor/breeder/influencer/photographer/charity/corporate and I would love to collaborate with you!
    We’ve been looking for you! Please email us at ( or send us a DM with your profile and some information and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
  • What if I cannot attend the class but bought a ticket? Can I postpone my ticket for another event?
    Unfortunately, our tickets are non-refundable. We can offer name changes should you wish to transfer your ticket to a family member or friend.
  • I don’t want to be seen on social media.
    By purchasing a ticket you consent to the use of pictures and videos from our class for use on our social media channels. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please talk to a member of staff before class and we will not take any pictures directly of you, however we cannot promise that you won’t be seen in the background.
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